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Re: How to control dynamic content?

From: thierry michel <tmichel@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 14:05:46 +0200
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Cc: "Max Malin" <max.malin@saraxa.com>

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From: "Max Malin" <max.malin@saraxa.com>
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Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2000 1:10 PM
Subject: [Moderator Action] How to control dynamic content?

> Hi,
> me and my colleague have been reading the latest smil draft
> version very enthusiastic and are beginning to understand it's
> full potential. Especially we have evaluated it in couple of
> real-life usage scenarios to see more clearly, whether it
> could be usable in our future projects. One thing, however,
> doesn't come out from the document:
> How to control content loading dynamically with Timing Attributes
> without scripting of any kind (without programming against DOM)?
> And all of this during playback?
> All the examples in the draft are dealing only with static content.
> By static content we mean, that the SMIL presentation is always loaded as
> a whole and then played. There's no "reloading" of anykind during
> It seems, that this kind of functionality is not "built-in" in SMIL?
> Even though, SMIL is designed to be reusable in the module level
> (you can create your own markups using these modules), this kind of
> functionality must definately be in the SMIL itself.
> Here is a couple of examples where we could utilize this kind of
> 1. "Real-time" view of stock exchange (textual or graphical view)
> Let's say I want to have a window open on my desktop, which shows the
> values of the stocks I own. As we all know, "real-time" view for stock
> value is essential. It should be obvious that I don't want to "refresh"
> the view myself - it should executed automatically (updating itself
> while I work).
> One solution could be that you add an element called <fetch> (to the
> Control Module), which could be used for "timed loading" of SMIL content.
> Something like the following:
> <fetch dur="10s" repeatDur="indefinite">
>   <text id="text1" src="stockvalues.txt"...>
> </fetch>
> In here a text file "stockvalues.txt" is assumed to be created on the
> side. The fetch module reloads it's contents on every 10 seconds.
> 2. "Real-time" view of Vote Counts in presidental election
> This is much like the first example, but now I want to follow some
> presidental election
> process in "real-time".
> <fetch dur="60s" repeatDur="09:00pm">
>   <img id="image1" src="progressbar_candidate1.jpg"...>
>   <img id="image2" src="progressbar_candidate2.jpg"...>
> </fetch>
> Again, in here we are assuming that the progressbar images are updated
> regularly on
> the server side. The fetch module reloads it's contents on every 60
> and
> stops reloading after 9 pm.
> Is there some way to do this, that we are not able to see? Is there a way
> do this without scripting? If not, we think that this kind of
> must definately be supported in the SMIL 2.0. If we want to minimize the
> need
> for scripting why not minimize it even further?
> Note, that the examples above are just to demonstrate the problem we have
> been
> encountering. We are sure that you can come up with much more finer
> solution.
> Best regards
> Max Malin & Jani Niittukari
> Saraxa Media Corp.
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