Re: GraphViz 1.7.4

Dear Jitao, dear all.

On 11-Feb-09, at 5:32 PM, Jitao Yang wrote:
> I am using to develop an application,
> could you please send me a copy of GraphViz 1.7.4,
> since I can not find it from the website of GraphViz any more.

I am not an expert on graphviz, unfortunately, but I can tell with  
confidence that the service at uses a  
much more recent version of graphviz (2.8-3). Why do you think version  
1.7.4 would solve the problem?

Looking quickly at the code for
the error you mention happens when running graphviz (as a standalone  
script) fails.

A way to fix the issue would be to first check that the "dot" script  

> GRAPH_VIZ_FONT_DIR = /Volumes/Macintosh_HD_2/graphviz-2.20.3/graphs
> (I can not find the dir of Fonts)

Given what you wrote, I strongly suspect that your graphviz config is  
problematic. In particular, if you do not have a repository of fonts,  
maybe trying to not set that variable at all would be betther than  
setting it to a wrong path?

The graphviz project has a mailing-list and documentation online,  
hopefully they should be of interest.

Hope this helps,

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