GraphViz 1.7.4

Dear Mr. Carroll and www-rdf-validator,

I am using to develop an application,
could you please send me a copy of GraphViz 1.7.4,
since I can not find it from the website of GraphViz any more.

Also, could you please tell me if my following configurations are right or
because it dose not work now, and the error is "An attempt to create a graph
failed" displayed in the webpage under the "Graph of the data model",
and "Error:
generating OutputFile." in the console, which are difficult to find where is
the problem, but I think it is the problem of the configuration of GraphViz or
the versions. And the "Triples of the Data Model" and "The original RDF/XML
document" work well.

I downloaded graphviz-2.20.3.tar and webdot-2.16.tar, and I extracted them
to the directory of /Volumes/Macintosh_HD_2/:

* GRAPH_VIZ_ROOT - the absolute path of the top-level directory containing

*   GraphViz's binary distribution

GRAPH_VIZ_ROOT = /Volumes/Macintosh_HD_2/graphviz-2.20.3

* GRAPH_VIZ_PATH - absolute or relative (based on GRAPH_VIZ_ROOT) path of

*   the DOT executable (e.g. dotneato/dot) - the program used to generate

*   a graph from a DOT file.

GRAPH_VIZ_PATH = /Volumes/Macintosh_HD_2/webdot-2.16

* GRAPH_VIZ_FONT_DIR - absolute or relative (based on GRAPH_VIZ_ROOT) path

*   the fonts directory used by GraphViz (e.g. Fonts)

GRAPH_VIZ_FONT_DIR = /Volumes/Macintosh_HD_2/graphviz-2.20.3/graphs
(I can not find the dir of Fonts)

Thank you very much for your help!

Best wishes,


Received on Thursday, 12 February 2009 07:50:29 UTC