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Job ad: PhD position

From: <hr.at@deri.org>
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2007 10:43:51 +0200
Message-ID: <46D3E047.5030103@deri.org>
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*Position as PhD-Researcher*

* *

*We are*


DERI Innsbruck is one of the leading research groups in the area of
Semantic Web technologies with excellent ties to key relevant research
groups worldwide.

For further information regarding our research, projects and
organization, please see http://www.deri.at <http://www.deri.at/>.


*We offer*


        A stimulating environment of a leading research group in the
fields of Semantic Web, Semantic Web services, formal languages and

        Excellent ties to research groups worldwide

        Up-to-date infrastructure and resources, including funding for
attending international conferences, PhD symposia, summer schools, etc.

        Standardized international exchange programs such as BIT and

        Opportunity to work in nationally funded integrated research

        Opportunity to take part in FP7 1^st Call international
research projects focusing on topics such as Web 2.0, service-oriented
computing, formal languages and reasoning, ontologies and ontology

        Opportunity to work with internationally established academic
and industrial partners

        Multicultural working place with modern infrastructure and

* *

*We expect*


        A strong background in Computer Science or related disciplines

        Willingness to work in an international environment

        The ability to take part in large-scale international research

        Willingness to combine formal scientific work with
application-oriented research in order to solve real-world problems

        Research interest and expertise in at least one of the areas:
Formal languages and reasoning (Description Logics, Logic Programming),
ontology languages, Semantic Web services, ontologies, business aspects
of semantic systems.


We kindly invite you to submit your application to hr.at@deri.at
<mailto:hr.at@deri.at>. Please include a current resume, a list of
publications (if applicable), and digital versions of your most relevant
works (e.g. graduation thesis).
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