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Re: Comments on * DRAFT * Rules Working Group Charter $Revision: 1.60 $

From: Dieter Fensel <dieter.fensel@deri.org>
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 00:23:20 +0200
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To: Adrian Walker <adrianw@snet.net>
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At 17:51 23.08.2005 -0400, Adrian Walker wrote:
>Dieter --
>At 10:12 PM 8/23/2005 +0200, you wrote:
>>it is not that difficult to identify something around Horn logic
>>with a minimal model as common ground of state of the art rule languages.
>That's similar to how we do things in our online system [1].   I wish it 
>was the case that all significant rule systems could be covered in that way.
>But I'm afraid that the various procedural rule languages, in which rule 
>order and other factors determine whether a rule will "fire", are simply 
>not amenable to that kind of treatment.

Indeed neither the charter draft nor my proposal are able to straight 
forward cover many procedural aspects of such languages.
I would see this as a second step to tackle with. In general, implementing 
too much of a control flow in a rule language
comes dangerously close to go-to programming anyway.

         -- dieter

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