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Re: swrl.owl is OWL Full and Protege does not support OWL/XML

From: Bijan Parsia <bparsia@isr.umd.edu>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 17:51:20 -0700
Message-Id: <548AAC06-1E44-11D9-BAC3-000D93C1F7A6@isr.umd.edu>
Cc: www-rdf-rules@w3.org
To: nvdesai@ncsu.edu

On Oct 14, 2004, at 3:46 PM, nvdesai@ncsu.edu wrote:

>> I remain puzzled as to how swrl.owl even plays into the Jena parsing
>> situation.  It is not as if swrl.owl defines the semantics or even the
>> syntax of SWRL.

> Root of the problem is that any development needs tool support (yes,
> graphics are good). And all editing tools use Jena for parsing/spitting
> purposes. And Jena is an RDF parser !!

Several don't. Including ours, Swoop:	

> swrl.owl allows me to use Protege, either instantiate or subClass SWRL
> classes, and develop my ontologies and rules efficiently. Which is 
> fine as
> long as swrl.owl is not going to be deprecated and is going to be
> maintained with the development of the rule language.

Of course it's going to be deprecated, assuming any further work 
happens. If it hits a standards body, they'll almost surely change all 
sorts of things about it.

Using SWRL is definitely risky, or, at least, more risky than using 
something already standardized.

> SWRLX and OWLX are good but how would one use them if tools are not 
> going
> to support them ?

Write one! :)

I hope to have both editing (in Swoop) and reasoning (in Pellet) 
support for a decidable subset of SWRL before the end of the year. We 
might even have something hacky (er..hackier) in the next couple of 

Bijan Parsia.
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