Re: ruleml and RDF

From: "Wagner, G.R." <>
Subject: RE: ruleml and RDF 
Date: Sat, 29 May 2004 22:10:42 +0200

> > SWRL assigns a different meaning to documents written in 
> > RDF/XML than that provided by the RDF model theory.  
> In which sense does SWRL assign "meaning to documents 
> written in RDF/XML"? 

SWRL has an RDF encoding.  Thus one can talk about the SWRL meaning of
(some) RDF/XML documents.

> Do you refer to the "translation semantics" of translating
> triples into corresponding OWL atoms?  

No.  Look at Section 6 of

> Such a semantics is restricted to first-order sentences,
> right? 

Well, the meaning thus derived can indeed be captured as a first-order
theory, true.

> It seems to be somewhat simplistic, therefore.

How so?

> -Gerd 


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