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CFP: Workshop on Rules and Rule Markup Languages at ISWC-2004

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Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2004 13:23:14 +0300
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                 C a l l   f o r   P a p e r s



                 a workshop to be held at the

     3rd International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2004)


                       Hiroshima, Japan
                  Monday, November 8th, 2004

The Semantic Web is a major world-wide endeavour to advance the Web 
by enriching its content with semantic meta-information that can be 
processed by inference-enabled Web applications. Ontologies and automated 
reasoning are key techniques in the semantic web initiative. 
Rules are considered to be a major issue in the further development of 
the semantic web. On one hand, they can be used in ontology languages, 
either in conjunction with or as an alternative to description logics. 
And on the other hand, they will act as a means to draw inferences, to 
express constraints, to specify policies, to react to events/changes, 
to transform data, etc. 

Finally, rule markup languages will allow to enrich web ontologies by 
adding definitions of derived concepts, to publish rules on the Web, 
to exchange rules between different systems and tools, etc. 

The workshop builds on the success of the first workshop RuleML2002 
(http://www.ceur-ws.org/Vol-60/) held in conjunction with ISWC2002 
on Sardinia, Italy, and the second workshop held in conjunction with 
ISWC2003 on Sanibel Island, USA 
( http://tmitwww.tm.tue.nl/staff/gwagner/RuleML-2003.html). This year's 
workshop combines that tradition, in the sense of being the premier 
RuleML-2004 event, with casting as wide a net as possible regarding 
all kinds of Rules and Rule Markup Languages for the Semantic Web. 


We encourage submissions on all topics related to rules and rule 
lanugages for the Semantic Web. In particular, the workshop seeks papers 
addressing syntax and semantics of rule languages, execution engines, 
implemented systems, and applications. Specifically: 

- language standards (RuleML, SWRL, Jess, N3, F-logic/FLORA-2, etc.) 
- execution models, engines, and environments 
- reaction rules for the Semantic Web 
- event/action languages 
- defeasible rules for the Semantic Web 
- defeasible concept definitions in ontologies 
- resolving conflicts in triggered action sets 
- implemented tools and systems for rules on the Semantic Web 
- combining rules and ontologies, integrating rules and description logics 
- multiple language rules (Prolog, KIF, SQL, OCL, XML, RDF, etc.) 
- applications based on RDF, ontologies, and rules (including e-Services, 
  e-Learning, e-Commerce, Knowledge Management, Bioinformatics) 
- modelling of business rules on the Web 
- rule-based software agents and the Semantic Web 
- automated negotiations with rule-based declarative strategies 
- connecting rules to legacy knowledge bases 
- integrating rule bases and distributed fact bases 
- handling lineage and reliability of distributed information 
- XSL transformations of rules 
- < yourTopic ... > 

We invite articles of no more than 15 pages length formated in Springer's 
LNCS style (www.springer.de/comp/lncs/authors.html) describing original 
completed work, work in progress, or interesting problems or use cases. 
Submitted papers will be fully refereed based on the originality and 
significance of the ideas presented as well as on technical aspects. 
It is planned that proceedings will be published by Springer in the LNCS 
series (www.springer.de/comp/lncs/index.html). A special journal issue 
with selected extended papers is also envisaged. 

Submissions should be made electronically, in postscript or, preferably, 
PDF to both antoniou@ics.forth.gr AND harold.boley@nrc.gc.ca 
*BY 12 July 2004*. 


12 July 2004 -- Deadline for paper submissions. 
16 August 2004 -- Notification of acceptance. 
06 September 2004 -- Final paper due. 
30 September 2004 Early registration deadline.
08 November 2004 -- RuleML'04.
Grigoris Antoniou, GR 
Harold Boley, CA 


Grigoris Antoniou, GR 
Harold Boley, CA 
Mike Dean, USA 
Andreas Eberhart, DE 
Benjamin Grosof, USA 
Steve Ross-Talbot, UK 
Michael Schroeder, DE 
Bruce E. Spencer, CA 
Said Tabet, USA 
Gerd Wagner, NL

Grigoris Antoniou, Institute of Computer Science, FORTH, Greece 
Nick Bassiliades, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece 
Harold Boley, National Research Council and Univ. of New Brunswick, Canada 
Francois Bry, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany 
Carlos Damasio, New University of Lisbon, Portugal 
Mike Dean, BBN Technologies / Verizon, USA 
Andreas Eberhart, International University, Germany 
Stefan Decker, Information Science Institute, USA 
Jérôme Euzenat, INRIA Rhône-Alpes, Grenoble, France 
Benjamin Grosof, MIT, USA 
Ian Horrocks, University of Manchester, UK 
Jan Maluszynski, Linköping University, Sweden 
Massimo Marchiori, W3C, MIT, USA and University of Venice, Italy 
Donald Nute, University of Georgia, USA 
Steve Ross-Talbot, Enigmatec, UK 
Michael Schroeder, TU Dresden, Germany 
Bruce Spencer, National Research Council and Univ. of New Brunswick, Canada 
Said Tabet, Consultant, USA 
Gerd Wagner, Techical University of Eindhoven, Netherlands 

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