ReoPath, an XPath-like query language

Neil Deakin, a Mozilla/XUL developer, has been working on something which
may be of interest here :

"ReoPath (or RPath if you prefer a generic sounding name) a language
for referring to RDF information using an
XPath-like syntax...Currently, it can be called from within Mozilla using an
XPCOM component, or can sort of be used as a standalone utility. I'll
provide the code and/or binary soon after I clean up some crashes and all
those memory leaks."

Although he's implementing for Mozilla, the language is applicable to any
RDF. I think this could well be very useful elsewhere. He's requesting

Implemented so far (gives a description of the language) :

Neil's blog :



Received on Thursday, 22 May 2003 16:47:10 UTC