next IRC RDF query testcases meet 2003-05-15, 1430UTC

At the last meeting, we resolved to meet next on 2003-05-15, 1430UTC

logs of the last meeting:

weblog (serving as meeting record):

We meet using Internet Relay Chat (IRC), on #rdfig for
one hour.

More on IRC:

possible agenda items:

Report on Topic maps QL and RDF QL BOF at XMLEurope 2003

Where are we up to/preparation for WWW2003 birds of a feather
meeting (BOF)
RESOLVED: (p.ntriples.1 ) get all our simple conjunctive queries from
tests in ntriples format, and write a meta-generator to convert between
different syntaxes for query, by 15th May meeting


Any more agenda items to the list please, by Tuesday May 13th 2003.



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