summary of IRC RDF query testcases meeting, 2003-03-27

We agreed to meet every two weeks on Thursdays at 14:30 UTC until
WWW2003 (WWW2003 starts 19th May 2003 -

Next meeting is 10th April, 2003, at 1430UTC (1530 in London, 1030 in
Boston, 1630 in Rome, Brussels, Amsterdam, Cape Town; 0830 Denver, 0730
San Francisco, sorry if I missed anyone out, please check here):

Last meeting summary


We discussed a proposed resultset vocabulary and a proposed manifest
vocabulary, and the associated documents written by Andy Seaborne and
Alberto Reggiori respectively:

Logs of the meeting are here:

The weblog is from here downwards:

We had two resolutions arising from the proposed resultset vocabulary:

RESOLVED: drop rs:ResultTable, noting that it is equalivalent to

RESOLVED: drop rs:ResultRow, noting that it is equivalent to

Andy has since updated the document to reflect these.

We had one action:

ACTION libby implement the resultset format for next meet.

and several others stated their intention to implement both the
resultset and manifest vocabularies.



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