Re: RDF query testcases?

I have a start towards a manifest format (no schema yet, sorry) and 
some test queries (no standard data targets) in RubyRDF:

Manifest file:

A v rough Ruby script to generate Ruby unit tests:

The horrible hacky Ruby/shell mess that this generates:

The .squish source files I'm using:

Basic form of the manifest is a bunch of these:

	<t:Query t:name="examples/squish/test1" t:format="squish" t:clauses="7" t:variables="7" t:wf="true" t:comment="ok"/>
	<t:Query t:name="examples/squish/test2" t:format="squish" t:clauses="1" t:variables="2" t:wf="true" t:comment="ok"/>
	<t:Query t:name="examples/squish/test1-bogusclause" t:format="squish" t:clauses="7" t:variables="0" t:wf="false" t:comment="Has an ABUSING clause instead of USING"/>

What I wanted was a way of having a language-neutral manifest that could 
generate Ruby, Java, Perl, and also be neutral about the query language / syntax, 
at least for the cases where we have 3 or 4 alternate representations for 
what is basically the same query (ie. graphs with variable/bnodes marked as 

Rather than have a property like t:format="squish" which is what I currently do,
I reckon we should use the full URI for the query language being implemented.

The stuff above is mostly w.r.t. testing the syntactic form of a query. I had another 
draft of an extension for testing my query implementations. Can't find it right now, but 
basic thing was same as others have described: expected number of hits back, 
expected number with RDFS closure, with smushing/identity merging, etc etc.

hope this helps, thanks for starting this dialog :)



Received on Thursday, 16 January 2003 11:57:03 UTC