summary of 2003-04-10 RDF query testcases IRC meet

raw logs:

weblog,including attendees, notes on the agenda, links to algae
testcases and to Xquery/XSLT  functions and operators

next meeting 2003-04-24 1430 UTC:


Summary of meeting

1: implementing the manifest and
resultset formats: how far have people got and what issues have they run

We had a substantial conversation about various ways of testing
resultset equality, including canonicalizewrs, resultsert testers and
graph matchers.

Two actions resulted

ACTION danbri take a look at for comparing graphs
tim|mit I'd like Danbri's action on possibly refactoring namespaces
(IIRC) to include checking with me as I have $SWAP/reify# and
$SWAP/reason# which are related

ACTION danbri mix in his namespace for syntax of query with alberto's
format in rubyrdf test cases, and circulate pointer

Arjohn, Andy, Alberto and Libby are all workng on various parts of thise
for different systems.

2:  query events at www2003

possible WWW2003 Budapest Birds of a feather meet  (see

<danbri> See url in the agenda for details. I am still waiting for final
'ack' from the organisers, i expect they're overloaded, but I think the
meeting is a 'go'.

There may also be room and interest for other query events at www2003.

3. Describing triple-pattern queries in RDF/XML, N-Triples, N3.

some notes here:

additional topic - Xquery/XSLT operator and functions

15:35:36 <danbri> libby, are you volunteering to look at the date ones?
15:36:52 <danbri> okay, don't wanna overload you with it. I was thinking
more along lines of 'does xquery pull one way; rdf-cal pull another'
w.r.t. rep of time stuff in practical rdf use?
15:37:16 <libby> I'll have a skim, see how it goes.



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