RE: semantics and RDF(S)


From: Dan Brickley []
> The thing to clean up first is the general notion of URI
> naming on the Web
Maybe we should get everyone to drive on the same side of the road while
we're at it? :-)  Seriously, while I can see the point you're making, isn't
it the case that the web is always going to be messy?  It seems to me that
the web is unlikely ever to reach a state of rectitude according to clean
theoretical principles, so tying success to that state could hold a lot of
good work up.

A further point is that ontologies have many more uses than for reasoning
about web resources.  Indeed wasn't DAML born from a desire in the DARPA
agent research community for a common language for agents to advertise and
discover capabilities?  So could there, in principle, be a version of RDF
(or something like it) that had a clear meaning as the basis for ontology
designers, and a messy or less-than-perfect match to the "meaning" of the


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