Re: A Model Theoretic Semantics for DAML-ONT (now, an Axiomatic Semantics)

>Guha wrote:
> >
> > Ora,
> >
> >  I think they *are* supposed to be disjoint.
>That's good, since you can deduce that they're disjoint
>from this semantics
>DAML-ONT Axioms
>Tue, 28 Nov 2000 05:16:36 GMT
>er... at least I think you can... where did the
>axioms about what a class is (set of singletons)
>and what a property is (a set of pairs) go?
>They were in an earlier draft, no?
>Anyway, the proof goes:
>	Every class is a set of singletons
>	Every property is a set of pairs
>	nothing is both a singleton and a pair
>	=> the intersection of classes and properties is empty.

That would be valid, certainly, but why is a class a set of 
singletons? (Shouldn't a class be allowed to be a set of anything? 
What is the utility of restricting it to singletons? For example, 
couldnt I have a class of, say, people, rather than singletons of 


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