RE: Web services returning RDF?

You can directly resolve (HTTP GET) any of the following:

The default representation for Nokia terms is a human-friendly description 
of the term.

You can also ask explicitly for a description via the URIQA web service
portal, specifying the URI as a parameter. E.g.

If you want RDF/XML, leave off the format=text/html, as RDF is the default. E.g.

And you can also, of course, use the URIQA method MGET to ask for an
authoritative description. E.g.:
curl -X MGET "" 




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> Hi Patrick,
> wrote:
> > If we're making a list, then...
> > 
> > The Nokia Semantic Web Server [1] returns resource 
> descriptions as RDF;
> > in addition to HTML, TriX [2], and a format called "RDF Facets" [3] 
> > which is used for search index generation and efficient 
> run-time search
> > using traditional web search engines.
> Any suggested queries that curious researchers can try out 
> with [1]?  I 
> threw a couple of obvious URL's at the server but didn't get 
> beyond "No 
> information is available about the specified resource".
> Regards,
> Ian

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