newbie modelling question

i'm just starting out with all this RDF stuff and as a learning 
exercise decided to model the editorship of a set of specifications, 

    Joe Bloggs, BT
    John Smith, MossBros
    Bill Poster, NewsCorp

So my first attempt was to write:

  WS-Foo --editedBy--> Joe Bloggs
  WS-Foo --editedBy--> John Smith
  WS-Foo --editedBy--> Bill Poster

and then:

  Joe Bloggs --worksFor--> BT
  John Smith --worksFor--> MossBros
  Bill Poster --worksFor--> NewsCorp

but then along comes:

    Joe Bloggs, Microsoft
    John Smith, MossBros
    Bill Poster, NewsCorp

Joe Bloggs represented BT on the FooSpec but took the
yankee dollar and worked for Microsoft on the BarSpec.

So i need to express which company a person was working
for when they edited a given spec, a triple in which one
of the nodes is a pair of values ..

What's the best way of saying this in RDF?


Received on Tuesday, 30 November 2004 16:13:37 UTC