Scheduled CWM/Notation3 Meeting: 2004-12-13 18:30 UTC

The recent CWM/N3 meeting (minutes: [1]) was such a success that we're 
tentatively scheduling another one for a month's time:

    When? Monday 13th December 2004 18:30 UTC
    Where? IRC: #rdfig

18:30 UTC is 13:30 EST and 10:30 PST. This time was agreed upon as 
being most convenient to those who attended the first meeting, but 
please do let us know if you are desperate to reschedule.

We have quite a few unfinished items from the first meeting that can 
be used as agenda items for the next, including:

  * Implementation/use feedback for CWM 1.0.
  * Hyphen-minus in localnames: use the questionnaire?
  * Minor syntax issues (underscores/encoding, ":-", pathchars).
  * Formal grammar implementations.
  * Streaming N3: @prefix override?
  * SOURCE implementation using SWAP tools.

But again, let us know if you have any augmentations. Dan Connolly 
will presumably be chairing, though the tone of the meetings is in 
general informal and consensus led.

More information about CWM:

And about Notation3:


[1] CWM/N3 Meeting Notes (15th November 2004)

Sean B. Palmer,

Received on Tuesday, 16 November 2004 08:19:44 UTC