Re: RDF vs. words

Daniel O'Connor ( wrote:
> Perhaps it would be of interest to look at DOAML ( :)

Thanks for the pointer, I hadn't seen that.

I'm thinking more of just communicating with RDF instead of
words.  In RDF you can make statements, right?  Seems like
there's a lot of that going on around here.

It would hard when you're starting mostly from scratch trying to
say something, you have to do a lot of "ground work" to say just
about anything, but take your post below:

> I just hacked up PHPList to spit out some RDF about who reads what.

In RDF there'd be a class of software projects that implement
the DOAML.  Your statement would be that the resource belongs in that

The first time you said it, you'd have to make the class too but
after that it would be quite simple, maybe even shorter then
the words version.

It would be fun to try a project sort of like one of those
Christmas gift exchanges where you draw a random partner, but in
this it would be reciprocal.  You and a random person get hooked
up with each other, and then your task is to get to know each
other by communicating only with RDF.  No plain-text sentances.
Tell the other person about your pets, your favorite beers and
wines, who you have kissed, etc. :)


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