RE: working around the identity crisis

Daniel and Alistair were musing about whipping some XSLT on RDF/XML:
> I agree that, as a matter of good practise, any alternate content-type
> representations of the same concept need to be synchronised.  
> One way of
> achieving this would be to use an RDF/XML description as the reference
> point, and using XSLT to generate an HTML representation.   

Tricky in my experience due to the syntactical variations in RDF/XML
which means that the same data can be expressed in many ways. For
cast-iron processing of RDF/XML we need to start with a RDF parser.
RDF/XML -> Trix (or RXR) (with parser) -> HTML (with XSLT) seems a
better bet.

Received on Sunday, 14 November 2004 18:42:15 UTC