Re: Wishlist Vocabulary

Morten Frederiksen wrote:

> On Tuesday 29 June 2004 00:34, Danny Ayers wrote:
>>Not linked are Morten's later XSLT for processing Amazon's wishlists (as
>>a web service):
> Thanks for the plug Danny!
> I have just now fixed that linked perl script for retrieving the wish list as 
> XML, they apparently changed how the API handles EOW (end-of-wishlist), 
> please see for the updated 
> version.

Excellent! This is exactly the kind of thing I was thinking about 
building. I've got an Amazon wishlist with about 1000 items in it,
and Amazon's tools for managing that just aren't up to snuff. I
really want everything in RDF so I can play with it in a retailer
agnostic fashion.

Dan Brickley's ruminations on wishlists really opened my mind,
though--wishes are a deeper subject than I had originally thought.
Although the way I personally use wishlists has less to do with
desires to actually own all those items and more to do with
a sort of bookmarking. I wishlist any books/music/movies
recommended to me (by real people) or that sound interesting.
If I find that I'm wishlisting something already in my wishlist,
I usually buy it.


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