Re: Wishlist Vocabulary

On Tuesday 29 June 2004 00:34, Danny Ayers wrote:
> Not linked are Morten's later XSLT for processing Amazon's wishlists (as
> a web service):
Thanks for the plug Danny!

I have just now fixed that linked perl script for retrieving the wish list as 
XML, they apparently changed how the API handles EOW (end-of-wishlist), 
please see for the updated 

Unfortunately, my web service for (among other things) hosting RDF/XML 
versions of Amazon wish lists is currently out of order, I should be getting 
to it any day now...

On the vocabulary issue, I have simply "created" a FOAF property, 
foaf:wishlist, which has a range an instance of the class 
foaf:AmazonWishList. As Danny and danbri has pointed out, this is just for 
testing purposes...


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