Joseki as a Web Service?

Dear Andy:

I write to you regarding the Joseki implementation.

My name is Wei Xing, from University of Cyprus. Within two EU IST
projects (EGEE and CoreGrid),  we are implementing a set of Grid
services (Gridable Web Services) for sharing  RDF metadata
among distributed  Grid sites using Jena toolkit.  Thus we  are very 
of the Joseki.  However,  Joseki  runs as a simple httpd server where 
the published
Jena model can be accessed via HTTP  GET. This solution might not
fulfill the reqirements of the Open Grid Service Architecture (OGSA),
for instance, the SOAP and the security (e.g. X509 based).

Not sure if your group have a plan  for Joseki merging into Web service 
if not, can possible please give me suggestions on how to deploy Joseki
within the Web Service Architecture? Thanks in advance!

Best regard

Wei Xing

Wei Xing, M.Sc.
Research Associate                    Tel: 00357-22892663
Dept. of Computer Science             Fax: 00357-22892701
University of Cyprus                  email:
PO Box 20537
CY1678, Nicosia, CYPRUS

Received on Thursday, 9 December 2004 10:15:41 UTC