Re: Native RDF DBs

On Apr 16, 2004, at 8:03 PM, Danny Ayers wrote:

> I'm sure I've seen three or four different triplestores that were more 
> native than dumping triples in a RDBMS - anyone got any relevant 
> links, please?

RDFStore [1] is a BSD-licensed lightweight native RDF storage written 
in C/Perl which uses a ad-hoc hashed storage with various compressed 
multi-dimensional sparse matrix inverted indexes. It supports simple 
SPO, RDQL [2] and fetch_object [3] query methods - free-text Unicode 
indexing and stemming on literals is fully supported. As well as 
indexing of rdf:datatype and xml:lang literal properties. Graph naming 
(contexts/provenance) is fully supported at the API and query level - 
and graphs can be serialized to RDF/XML and N-Triples containing full 
naming information [4]. It also includes pure perl RDF/XML and 
N-Triples parsers which passes all positive RDFCore tests [5].

For a more detailed description of the DB back-end see

as presented [6] at the SWAD-e storage and retrieval workshop [7] in 
Amsterdam last November

Various demos and demonstrators has been build [8][9][10][11][12] with 
the toolkit.

Lastest code is aval on CVS at SourceForge

cvs login
cvs -z3 co 

or latest snapshot bundle at - we successfully 
compiled the package on BSD, OSX, Linux, Solaris and Gygwin.

hope this helps



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