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ANNOUNCE: Sherpa Calendar (Semantic Scheduling)

From: Paul Cowles <paul@semaview.com>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 17:35:37 -0500
To: <www-rdf-interest@w3.org>
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Hi all,
Haven't posted in a while but have been lurking ;>
We will be conducting a BETA trial of our first product(s) shortly and we
would love to have your input/participation.

A brief overview:

1) Sherpa Calendar ( <http://www.sherpasuite.com/>
Sherpa Calendar is a Windows  / PC Platform (based) intelligent calendar
application (iCal compatible) that allows anyone to easily publish and
consume RDF based calendars and their HTML representation. Users create
semantic content without even knowing it!

2) SherpaFind ( <http://www.sherpafind.com/> http://www.sherpafind.com) 
SherpaFind is a calendar search engine for machine understandable RDF and
ICS representations of intelligent
calendars and events.  SherpaFind allows anyone to quickly and easily search
for calendars of interest and preview or
subscribe to their iCal or RDF representation. An event search capability
will be added very soon.   

3) Sherpa Developers Kit.  ( <http://www.semaview.com/developers/>
http://www.semaview.com/developers/) The Developers Kit enables software
to consume SherpaFind content via web services. 
As Sherpa users start coming onboard and publishing calendars, more and more
RDF will be available for everyone to build with.

As an early example, feel free to check out my homepage
(http://pcowles.sherpasuite.com/homepage.php) and in particular the RDF
produced for one of my public calendars

We are hoping that millions of semantic calendars will lead to some new
innovation! There are many rough edges to polish, but over the coming months
we will be refining the product. Feel free to send feedback/comments on to
me or post them on our discussion boards (http://discussions.semaview.com)


Paul Cowles
VP, Development and Operations
Semaview, Inc.
http://www.semaview.com <http://www.semaview.com/> 
Phn (416) 214-5576
Fax (416) 214-0052
"Simply better personal information management software"
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