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Re: search tool: plea for help

From: Jonathan Chetwynd <j.chetwynd@btinternet.com>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 21:29:03 +0000
Cc: www-rdf-interest@w3.org
To: Charles McCathieNevile <charles@w3.org>
Message-Id: <EAD676AE-0A56-11D8-9FC4-0003939B5AD0@btinternet.com>


My understanding is that what i'm looking for is a way that a user, or 
myself could search the rdf data in svg images on the peepo website, 
and find those of interest.

for instance say,

chelsea, football,   or

keyboard, music, madonna

or more simply:




this would then 'theoretically' provide a web of svg images on the 
peepo website that conformed to this choice.

We really need to start labelling links as people are having real 
problems finding appropriate resources; not surprised :-)


as a starting point, we have had bulk requests for a switch accessible 
site, and I just don't have time to maintain, another site.
however we do know which sites are switch accessible, so even with 
javascript, we could exclude others via a button.
However RDF would seem a better solution, if I can find out how to 
start implementing it sensibly...
it would be great if users could have a little more control, and it was 
a little less hard coded.

I'm naturally assuming that we will be involved in developing a 
vocabulary, but who knows....

thanks as ever

On Monday, October 27, 2003, at 07:53  pm, Charles McCathieNevile wrote:

> Jonathan,
> do you mean that you would like to know which SVG files include 
> particular
> RDF statements (or collections of RF statements?
> As I understand it Redland can collect that information, and perhaps 
> some
> other systems
> Cheers
> Chaals
> On Mon, 27 Oct 2003, Jonathan Chetwynd wrote:
>> I would like to start marking up SVG with RDF on our site with
>> immediate effect.
>> However I'd also like a public online search form (tool) to check 
>> pages
>> in a directory for rdf search terms.
>> and probably use it to update a keyword directory as an alternative.
>> does anyone know of such a tool? in development?
>> OK it seems great to distribute the info, but unless the search tool 
>> is
>> also distributed something seems kind of missing.
>> or perhaps its just me.
>> thanks
>> Jonathan Chetwynd
>> http://www.peepo.co.uk
>> "A web by people with learning difficulties"
>> ps: I'd appreciate a couple of hours with someone to get this
>> started.....
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Jonathan Chetwynd
"A web by people with learning difficulties"
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