Re: RDF Schema

Maybe both. You need an RDF file, but you can build it any way you like -
adding to it through jsp interfaces might be easier for many people than just
directly editing the text of the file(s).

You can split the RDF into a lot of files if you like.

The tricky bit is querying it - at the moment there is no standard language
for querying, so it depends on what toolset you use for managing the RDF how
you write queries. Fortunately many of them are very similar, and it would be
nice if there were at least some translation utilities so that you could move
from one toolset to another just by translating your queries.

It isn't as bad as it sounds, but when this gets sorted out it will make RDF
even more obvious as a choice for data.



On Wed, 26 Nov 2003 wrote:

>Hello, me again.
>I want to build a University portal including library access (information
>of all the books and reservations) and students and teachers information.
>I wanto to know if i have to build rdf file, or i have to insert data through
>jsp pages. I suppose i will use subClassof property, foaf schema and others.
>FiberTel, el nombre de la banda ancha

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