about Spectacle problems

I'm evaluating Spectacle as the presentation framework for RDF output(not sure if there's any other good tools can do this?). Just got some problems. Could anyone kindly answer my questions? Thanks in advance!

   I can't find any mysql user/password definition in spectacle.war file, how does spectacle connect to mysql db if there's no user/pass defined?
   Is it a must to set up virtual host for running spectacle samples on Spectacle Web Server? can I simply use localhost as host?
   When I tried to run ant to build the Spectacle sample, it ask me to input the hostname of the Spectacle Server and the password, where is the password defined? if I use localhost as hostname and leave empty or input anything as password, it just throw exception. What should I input?
   Is there any more doc besides http://www.aidministrator.nl/spectacle/index.html ? I'm building a research project with Sesame and would like to use Spectacle to do the presentation of RDF output, I don't know how can Spectacle integrate with the search result from Sesame?
   When I tried to deploy spectacle.war file to JBoss3.2.2, I always encounter below exception, can anyone help?
2003-11-21 17:47:13,116 ERROR [STDERR] 20031121 17:47:13:116 [STATUS  ]  19416/12010/7405
 START InitServlet
2003-11-21 17:47:13,136 ERROR [STDERR] 20031121 17:47:13:136 [TRACE   ]  19416/12015/7400
 Real context path: E:\jboss-3.2.2\server\default\tmp\deploy\tmp842spectacle.war\
2003-11-21 17:47:13,156 ERROR [STDERR] 20031121 17:47:13:156 [TRACE   ]  19416/12020/7395
 hostsPath: localhost
2003-11-21 17:47:13,176 ERROR [STDERR] 20031121 17:47:13:176 [TRACE   ]  19416/12024/7391
 jdbcProtocol: mysql
2003-11-21 17:47:13,196 ERROR [STDERR] 20031121 17:47:13:186 [TRACE   ]  19416/12028/7387
 jdbcPort: 3306
2003-11-21 17:47:13,206 ERROR [STDERR] 20031121 17:47:13:206 [TRACE   ]  19416/12031/7384
 jdbcDriver: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
2003-11-21 17:47:13,226 ERROR [STDERR] 20031121 17:47:13:226 [TRACE   ]  19416/12035/7380
 jdbcParams: autoReconnect=true
2003-11-21 17:47:13,246 ERROR [STDERR] 20031121 17:47:13:246 [TRACE   ]  19416/12060/7355
 ConnectionManager.init load JDBC driver: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
2003-11-21 17:47:13,296 ERROR [STDERR] java.lang.NullPointerException
2003-11-21 17:47:13,306 ERROR [STDERR]  at NL.A12R.zpad.servlets.InitServlet.totalRefresh(Unknown Source)
2003-11-21 17:47:13,316 ERROR [STDERR]  at NL.A12R.zpad.servlets.InitServlet.init(Unknown Source)

Received on Friday, 21 November 2003 21:11:08 UTC