Re: ANNOUNCE - SchemaWeb

On Wed, 19 Nov 2003 09:03:14 -0000, Victor Lindesay <> wrote:
> VicSoft (makers of Buddy Browser FOAFware) announce the launch of
> SchemaWeb, an on-line directory of RDF schemas expressed using the RDFS,
> OWL and DAML+OIL schema vocabularies.
> SchemaWeb provides (hopefully) a one stop shop for developers and
> designers working with RDF. It gathers schema data and meta-data in a
> single portal and offers both on-line forms and web services for access
> to RDF schema information by both human users and RDF software agents.
> SchemaWeb is at:

Very nice work.  I can't really say anything much else except minor
user interface things.  Maybe have a search box on the home page
rather than via a 'tab'?  The class/property display maybe could
have links to the terms?

What is the'Triples' view - this is some XML format you've invented, I
couldn't find a pointer to it.

I assume N3 Triples is actually N-Triples, since N3 is rather undefined.
(Aside: this found a bug in my N-Triples validator, which I've fixed)

Again, great stuff - you seem to have done a lot of work here.


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