Re: UDDI + RDF = ?

Hi Max,

Thanks for starting this dialog. Yes, I think you should find folks here 
who will be in a good position to help with RDF modeling for UDDI. In 
addition to this general RDF/SW Interest Group, W3C has just launched a 
new IG on basically this topic: Semantic Web and Web Services. I'm
copying Carine Bournez, who chairs the Semantic Web Services Interest
Group. I suggest that the SWSIG might be the most appropriate forum for 
going into the details of this project, but you are of course very 
welcome to discuss things here. Perhaps if you could cross-post a 
brief overview of what you are trying to achieve, what the main issues 
seem to be, and any specific areas where help would be useful. We could 
then encourage followup discussion on

for details of the new group. 

Carine, does this make sense?  Ah, searching the archives
...I see you've already found that list and your later message includes 
a handy illustration.

So I ought to join the public-sws-ig list, it seems! And encourage other
RDF IG members with an interest in Web Services to do likewise. See
links above for details on how to subscribe.

Max, (and Carine, and everyone...) you might also find the ESW Wiki
( for making and sharing 
notes and design patterns for RDF/UDDI integration.

Is the 
right page we should use to track this work, Max? Or is there somewhere 
more specific that folks should bookmark? (or RSS feed to subscribe to,

Thanks again for getting this discussion started. Looking forward to 
seeing what will come of it...



* Max Voskob <> [2003-11-19 14:46+1300]
> Hi there,
> UDDI Spec TC is considering using RDF to provide metadata with UDDI
> entities.
> We would like to get some help from the RDF community to make sure that we
> get it right.
> I wonder if this mailing list is the right place to get this sort of help.
> Regards,
> Max Voskob
> member of OASIS UDDI Spec TC
> :-)

Received on Wednesday, 19 November 2003 02:12:46 UTC