I'm pleased to announce RDF-Source related Storage System (RDF-S3) version 1.1 beta!


Open Source - Freeware - Java 


The RDF-Source related Storage System (RDF-S3) is a Java application for storing RDF 

statements into SQL databases using a schema specific storage approach. Each RDF 

statement keeps its relationship where it came from, more specific the system keeps the 

URI of the RDF file used to enter the statement into the system for each statement. 


The main motivation for it is the fact that also in real life we do not trust everything unless 

we know that the source is trustable. But there can be also other systems benefit from the 

source relational knowledge. Suppose you find a contradiction, you have the possibility to 

figure out the sources that are responsible for it, which makes it more easy to solve it and 

last but not least, if you have RDF embedded into HTML you might want to see the human 

readable HTML presentation of the statements. Without the source relation you are forced 

to start a new search.



        stores the relationship of the RDF statements to their source

        supports validation options by using VRP

        only need JDBC-compliant RDBMS (supporting standard SQL)

        automatic inclusion of missing (rdfs:Class & rdf:Property) type information 

        easy to use GUI (from the look and feel similar to RSSDB)

        user friendly by using stored preferences



RDF-S3 can be downloaded at:


RDF-S3 was developed by:

Institute of Computer Science -
Databases and Information Systems 
Foundation of Research and Technology - Hellas 


Note: It is still a beta version and we expect frequently changes and will try to improve 

performance and scalability as well as defining access paths to the data after storage. 


Recommendations and comments are welcome!


Best greetings,


Karsten Tolle


Karsten Tolle

Received on Tuesday, 18 November 2003 05:02:08 UTC