Re: SW Best Practices WG - draft charter for discussion

Le Mardi, 11 nove 2003, à 09:56 Asia/Tokyo, Guus Schreiber a écrit :
> Some members of W3C's' Semantic Web Coordination Group have been 
> working on a draft charter for a new Best Practices Working Group, > see:

Very good idea and much needed.

Thought I'm not sure about the time-frame
	The time frame is short-term, e.g.  2-4 months

It's almost the time to start things. I would encourage to have a 
longer time frame, in all W3C activities, the longest part is often to 
do this absolutely necessary work.
If you do that, you should also already planned inside W3C the 
resources to maintain the whole thing like we do in QA.

clap clap bravo.

Karl Dubost -
W3C Conformance Manager
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