Semantic Web Phase 2 Activity - Protocol - Query Language

In the last time I stumbled across the "Semantic Web Phase 2 Activity"
more often and expect that some people involved read this.

In my writing code, I clearly miss some things that would make life
so I think that they should be included in Phase2.

TimBl wrote that you need three things to build a WWW:
We clearly miss the HTTP part so at first i ask for :

uriqa, Joseki, Sesame, they all have protocol.

We are missing a protocol, so do something about it.

- distributed approach, how to identify the server when querying about a
given resource.
(see my comments about this in

- queries over the protocol with query language and some kind of
"Concise bounded description"

A Query Language
RDQL, RQL ....

all nice but a common lanugage should include :
- OUTER JOIN Queries, (optional matches)
- giving a "template" for a subgraph to be retrieved, f.e. 
"give me triples that do: (?x rdf:type foaf:Person), (?x * *)"

(these two things are in some projects, but not in all etc....)

URI Crisis guide
Personally, I think that 
/ref=sr_2_3/103-4363499-9407855" is a webpage that offers a book for
sale and that means

/ref=sr_2_3/103-4363499-9407855> <sale:offers>

and sadly, the guys don't offer a search for books on their
site and so we can't extract a url for  0679600108 from their site, but
this ought to change !

I think that <> is a global identifier
for the book and it should be used to represent the concept of the book
and used extensively in databases of Bookstores and semantic text
rezensions all over the world.

But thats what I think and the W3C ought to state what we should do now
about it and create some document where this is settled. 
I think this problem can be best settled by philosophers, librarians and
SemWeb people in concert.


Leo Sauermann

Dear God, 
For christmas 2003 I wish that you solve these things.

Received on Tuesday, 11 November 2003 05:30:13 UTC