Re: Is Semantic Web possible ?

* Stephane Fellah <> [2003-11-10 12:42-0500]
> Hi,
> To those of us believing in Semantic Web, meta-data, ontologies and
> such, this article by Clay Shirky:
> might be quite traumatic.  It posits that real world is too fuzzy and
> too messy for any clean, deductive scheme to succeed.
> I am curious to get your opinion on this article.
> Good read :-)

Yes, this one's been doing the rounds in weblogger land.

There was some discussion of it in RDF IG's IRC channel (#rdfig) 
at the weekend, as well as comments in various weblogs. and others (see,, etc for backlinks).

Probably the main conclusion I draw is that we should be clearer that
the rules aspect of Semantic Web is the icing on the cake, rather than 
the ultimate goal. Data on the Web is the goal, and that's perfectly 


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