What is the most common type of collection or container?

What has everyone found to be the most common type of collection or
container used in real-world RDF documents?  I've mainly used rdf:Seq or
rdf:Bag.  I understand the use for rdf:Alt, but I really haven't seen much
use of collection graphs.  I'm interested to hear about other experiences.

As an aside, one thing that annoys me about the revised RDF/XML syntax is
the inconsistent use of abbreviations.  A sequence element is "Seq", while a
description element is spelled out.  Items in a container use the HTML name,
"li", which doesn't really mean "list item" anymore; I'd rather call the
element "item".  I know this is a nitpick, but how about some consistency in
naming things?

Jimmy Cerra

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Received on Monday, 10 November 2003 00:21:26 UTC