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Given IETF's main technology focus, and the fact that (by, e.g., W3C 
standards) they have very little dedicated resource, I find it hard to be 
critical that they aren't using RDF yet.  But I agree it would be good if 
the schedules were published in iCalendar format (RFC2445), allowing other 
communities good opportunity to demonstrate added value.


At 15:36 03/11/03 -0500, Robert Prouse wrote:
>I am a little bit disappointed that the IETF does not provide any 
>intelligent forms of data like this.  I guess it is understandable that 
>they do not provide RDF iCalendar data since there are no calendar 
>applications that can use or produce it (at least until we release our 
>product to the public ;) but they could have at least linked to an 
>iCalendar ICS file that could be imported into several applications.
>I would have hoped that the IETF would have been on the cutting edge by 
>demonstrating how technology could be used.  Wouldn't it be nice to be 
>able to subscribe to a calendar for a series of meetings like this, have 
>it appear in your desktop calendaring software, sync with hand-held 
>devices and have the events searchable from web search engines?  We are 
>one of several organizations working on this, but it doesn't do any of us 
>much good if people continue to present their information in flat HTML 
>pages.  The IETF should be setting the example, much like W3C does with 
>the RDF describing their pages and the RSS feeds of many of their pages.
>If anyone wants to produce an RDF representation of the IETF schedule, 
>publish it for others and even sync it with their Palm, head over to 
> and sign up as a beta tester.  Also, send me 
>an email to let me know you signed up so that I can make sure you get in.
>Rob Prouse
>Senior Software Architect
>At 04:07 PM 03/11/2003 +0000, Graham Klyne wrote:
>>This question came up on the IETF mailing list.  It seems to me a natural 
>>territory for RDF applications.  Any ideas?
>>>Has anyone out there worked out how to get the IETF schedule
>>>into your Palm in some fashion more convenient than just
>>>typing it in?
>>In this context, "IETF schedule" means the schedule for the next IETF 
>>meeting; cf.
>Graham Klyne
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