I'm pleased to announce the first release of Rx4RDF and Rhizome.

Rx4RDF provides a deterministic mapping between the RDF abstract syntax 
to the XPath data model,  allowing you to query, transform and update a 
RDF model with languages syntactically indentical to XPath, XSLT and 
XUpdate (which we call  RxPath <>, 
RxSLT <>, and RxUpdate 
<>, respectively).

A reference implementation (in Python) and formal specification can be 
found at

Rhizome is built on Rx4RDF and is a Wiki-like content management and 
delivery system. It can store both the site's content and structure in a 
RDF store and lets you create abstract RDF resources the same way you'd 
create a wiki name. 

Rhizome also introduces a few other technologies that may be of interest:
* Racoon <> is a simple application 
server that uses an RDF model for its data store, roughly analogous to 
RDF as Apache Cocoon <> is to XML.
* RhizML <> is a Wiki 
<>-like text formatting language that lets you 
write arbitrary XML or HTML, enabling you to author XML documents with 
(nearly) the same ease as a Wiki entry.
* RxML <> is an alternative XML 
serialization for RDF that is designed for easy authoring in RhizML 
<>, allowing novices to author and 
edit RDF metadata.

The Rhizome and RxRDF implementations are alpha quality -- but the 
Rx4RDF website is running on it so you can see (and play with) them in 

Any feedback is much appreciated, particularly as this is the first 
release (and public announcement).


Received on Monday, 3 November 2003 03:48:50 UTC