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Subject: some basic ontology problems, need for more explanation

dear all  <> 
actually i am quite confused about ontology and some basic concepts
related to it.
i appreciate if someone could give me a more clear explanation of it.
i did search on internet about the concept, the best one i can is
the stanford fella defined that "An ontology is a specification of a
Thru all what i read, what i can understand is  that ontology seems to
be some definition or
description of some concept, or the relation between/among concepts.
(very abstract.)
so in that case, 
1) how can it related to knowledge sharing? and  
It is a matter of definition. If I define knowledge as, as you say, a
set of concepts and their interrelationships, and I have a language for
expressing such knowledge, then can't that language be used to "share"
2)how can Ontology related to Semantic Web(did i ask this question
Semantic Web is actually fully based on RDF, and RDF is mainly XML
RDF, and more specifically RDF Schema and OWL, are formal languages for
specifying sets of concepts and their interrelationships.
3)how can these XML codes related to Ontology?  
XML is the basic syntatic foundation on which RDF (and RDF Schema and
OWL) are built.
if you think i am too naive then i am very sorry to ask all these
questions, just hope
you could give me a clear guide. 
thanks zillions and kind regards


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