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Re: LBase in the RDF Semantics Doc

From: Brian McBride <bwm@hplb.hpl.hp.com>
Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 14:02:09 +0100
Message-Id: <>
To: "Peter F. Patel-Schneider" <pfps@research.bell-labs.com>
Cc: www-rdf-interest@w3.org

At 08:19 15/05/2003 -0400, Peter F. Patel-Schneider wrote:

>[I note that the version of L[B]ase: Semantics for Languages of the
>Semantic Web by Guha, R. V. and Hayes, P. of November 2002 is no longer

There is now a W3C note



> > RDFCore have had a last call comment suggesting this appendix be removed:
> >
> > 
> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-rdf-comments/2003JanMar/0092.html
>I view this description of my comment as incorrect.  Nowhere in my comment
>is there a request or even a suggestion to remove the appendix, only that
>there is currently no point to the appendix.  This does imply, of course,
>that without any significant change to the appendix it would be much better
>to remove the appendix than to leave it in.

I beg your pardon.  You are correct.  Your comment states

     The translation into Lbase is pointless.

Thanks for clarification.  Now back to the question.  Do folks find it 
useful in its current form?

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