RE: Validation of RDF/XML against RDFS

It depends what you're wanting to validate for - the W3C service does the
basic syntax checking, but I don't think things like domain, range and
datatypes are considered. I'm not aware of any tool that does these directly
(may well be), but something could probably be hacked quite quickly for
basic checking of these using one of the RDF toolkits/APIs. Beyond that,
you're in a rather different situation than XML schema, leading towards the
land of inference & proof - can be strict but maybe hard too - Euler [1] or
cwm [2] should be able to do this stuff. You might also have to take into
account the semantics of additional languages (notably DAML+OIL or OWL)
in/on top of the base RDF(S).

(I suppose you could say 'strict' validation isn't as generically essential
as validation of XML schema. But where it's useful, it's likely to be very
very useful ;-)

btw, There may well be other relevant tools on Dave Beckett's big list [3].



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> Subject: Validation of RDF/XML against RDFS
> I have a basic newbie/non-expert question:  Are there any tools
> that can effectively validate RDF/XML against an RDF Schema?  I
> note that the RDF Validation Service explicitly says that it
> "does not do any RDF Schema Specification validation."  Suppose
> someone wanted an application that supported a workflow for
> documents that included RDF/XML--it would be very helpful (and
> perhaps critical) to validate the resulting properties and values
> to ensure they are correct and consistent.  I'm thinking about
> how an XML document is checked to see if it is both well-formed
> and also valid against a DTD or schema.   I get the sense from
> reading things like the "The Cambridge Communiqué" that this is
> an unsettled area for RDF.  On the other hand, there are products
> like the ICS-FORTH Validating RDF Parser that seem to offer some
> solutions.  Is it reasonable to expect "strict" validation of
> RDF/XML?  I'd be grateful for any insight into this.
> Bill LeFurgy

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