TRELLIS 3.0 released open source

  TRELLIS is a Web-based interactive environment that allows users to
  add their observations, opinions, and conclusions as they analyze
  information by making semantic annotations to documents and other
  on-line resources.  TRELLIS is an ongoing project at the University of
Southern California's Information Sciences Institute (USC/ISI).

  TRELLIS includes a vocabulary for semantic annotations of decisions
  and tradeoffs. The initial version of this vocabulary is available as
  a schema/ontology in XSD, RDFS, and DAML+OIL. TRELLIS allows users to
  extend this vocabulary and its corresponding schemas. User's
  annotations are turned into XML, RDF, and DAML+OIL documents.

  TRELLIS derives trust ratings on document sources based on how the
  sources are used or dismissed in the analyses of many users.

  Anyone can access the TRELLIS server from through a Web browser. There is
  on-line documentation, as well as examples of annotations.

  TRELLIS is also available open source from the USC/ISI downloads
  page: Bugs and suggestions
  can be reported through Bugzilla and SourceForge.

  More information and publications about TRELLIS can be found at

  Please contact Yolanda Gil ( if you have any questions!

Yolanda Gil
Associate Division Director for Research, ISI Intelligent Systems Division
Research Associate Professor, Computer Science
Phone: (310) 448-8794
    University of Southern California / Information Sciences Institute 
    4676 Admiralty Way
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Received on Monday, 24 February 2003 05:51:45 UTC