RE: Reasoning engine

> From: Jingdong Liu [] 
> I am new to this group. Can someone please tell me where I 
> can find the
> following tools (software package) if ever exists:
> - reasoning engine based on OWL or DAML-OIL.

FaCT (,ac,uk/~horrocks/FaCT/) with OilEd

> - converter between OWL syntax (or DAML-OIL) and DL 
> (Description Logics) syntax

OilEd used to be able to export various DL formats; I also suggest you
look at DIG (  Protege-2000
( has a FaCT plugin written by Michael
Sintek that will produce TeX output.  It's a little unclear as to what
you mean by 'DL syntax' - machine readable such as KRSS/DIG/OWL itself?

		- Peter
Peter Crowther

Received on Sunday, 23 February 2003 06:31:42 UTC