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Hi all,

I have another question what is the difference between inference and 

With rdf you can show information in n3(subject,object,predicate), but you need 
a inference engine (jena, tap, rdfgateway, parka,etc) in order to convert this 
information in knowledge...

I'm wrong?



>  I am new in this group. After reading the specifications of RDF, RDF-
> Schema and OWL, i have some questions about inference:
>   1) In the RDF concepts and abstract syntax document there are many 
> references to "inference". But as far as i know from the Formal 
> Semantics specification of RDF, RDF doesn't define any "inference or 
> reasoning engine". RDF defines "entailment" which appears to be a way 
> of RDF-graph matching, but doesn't provide any actual inference 
> capability.
>  2) I read in a paper about DAML+OIL that OIL is based on a reasoning 
> engine called FAcT, based on descriptive logic. Nevertheless i haven't 
> read a word about any reasoning engine for inference in the OWL 
> specifications. The specifications appear to be rather oriented to 
> teach how to write ontologies. Moreover, OWL makes the open world 
> assumption and this may yield to indecidability...
> 3) As far as i know there is no reference to a reasoning engine in RDF-
> Schema
> ¿Can anybody help me?
> Thanks 
>    Bernardo Cuenca
>    University of Valencia

Received on Friday, 21 February 2003 11:00:32 UTC