Semantic Web languages and rules

Hi all,

I have read the mailing thread RE: Action Items written by Pat Hayes and
dated 02/12/03 in the US/EU joint-committee archive. It sparked some
thoughts in my mind about some issues which a newbie like myself might take
as forgranted. I am presently doing some research on semantic web
applications in particular about semantic web services composition. From
what I have been reading about rules, rule markup, defintion of business
rules, use of rules for Ws composition, I am now feeling a bit confused
about all this.
Consider DAML+OIL, based on DL and capable of expressing knowledge in
machine interpretable format. With DAML+OIL one can specify a number of
facts from which inferencing of other facts can be made. So why is it
necessary for DAML+OIL or OWL (being based on it, even though more
expressive) to be augmented with rules? Where will these be introduced in
TBL's semantic web layers?
Also and this question might be more appropriate in the ws-mailing list: how
important is the use of rules in defining ws composition, when one considers
the expressivity of languages such as DAML-S.
Can someone clarify in laymens terminology these issues. Or am I missing



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Received on Tuesday, 18 February 2003 10:54:44 UTC