Re: [Introspector-developers] RE: Call for a DotGNU/W3C RDF API (was Re:GPL relicense for Eule r (was Re: call for alpha testers EulerSharp for dotgnu/pnet))

I would like to see a strong alignment between the C# and Java

From the dotgnu perspective, Java is on the radar big time. 

The Dotgnu project is working on being able to compile Java to IL, and
we should be able to have Java code using the C# API. 

The problem may be with the basic collection and uri classes, 
we need to look into that in detail. There are a couple of ways that we
can try and align those interface, but in the end, people will not want
to learn a new api.

Many people use and like the Jena interface, and in some cases, it is
on the leading edge in RDF technology. 

Please do suggest your times, otherwise, why dont we try and make this
weekends first dotgnu meeting. I am sure we can piggyback on top of
them There has been no confirmation from anyone on times. 

The meetings are conducted via IRC in the channel
#dotgnu on at the following

    Saturday 1000 UTC
    Saturday 2200 UTC

The first is best for DotGNU members east of UTC
and the second is best for DotGNU members west
of UTC.  Some of the key DotGNU members attend
both meetings.

The logs of #dotgnu are always available here:

--- "Seaborne, Andy" <> wrote:
> We'd like to be involved (even though we're in Java) but the
> timezones may
> intrude.  We can always look at the chat logs.
> If there was a common processing model underlying such an RDF
> interface
> (nothing too complicated), this could be the style used by other
> languages,
> getting some alignment.
> 	Andy
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> Subject: Re: Call for a DotGNU/W3C RDF API (was Re:GPL relicense for
> Euler
> (was Re: call for alpha testers EulerSharp for dotgnu/pnet))
> Dear All,
> After many offline (chat) discussion about the idea of a DotGNU
> contribution of a RDF C# Interface, I would like to request that we
> have a chat meeting where all the interested parties sit down
> together.
> For me the best time would be on the weekend, on the 15th or the 22th
> of deb. But I noticed that the w3c meetings are generally during the
> week, that is a problem for many of the dotgnu members. 
> What do you think? Who would like to be involved? I would like to get
> one member from the various rdf implementations there,  the is the
> most
> important part. We need your support!
> please feed back,
> mike

James Michael DuPont

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