Customization and Personalization through RDF

Dear all,

Some of you will have seen signs of this coming a few weeks back - here's
the official kick off. Recently two parallel projects were launched, one in
Yokohama by IA Japan and another in Luxembourg by us at ICRA. We expect the
two projects to be merged since the goals are more or less identical -
namely to harness the strengths of RDF to create a truly cross-media
platform through which multiple classification vocabularies can be applied
to multiple media types through a wide variety of devices.

The project is pretty wide ranging and having laid the foundation stones,
we're now seeking further participation and support. We plan to work closely
with W3C on relevant issues throughout and will use these mailing lists
where appropriate. For instance, as highlighted recently, we're looking at
the issue of linkage - resources to descriptions, descriptions to multiple
resources. The approach set out for P3P, which uses Policy Reference Files,
looks like a good place to start. We're also thinking along the lines that
since the object in an RDF triple can be a string literal, that string could
be a Regular Expression against which a suite of URIs could be matched
(howls of protest all round, I know, but trust me, in this arena, we need

You can see a full briefing paper on the Luxembourg end of the project at

Phil Archer
Internet Content Rating Association

Received on Wednesday, 12 February 2003 10:15:09 UTC