Samizdat: Co-op Engine

Edd Dumbill just pointed me at this, and it looked interesting
so I thought I'd try link sharing by email for a change 
(I mostly stick to IRC for such things, see
logs for detail).
Samizdat: Co-op Engine

Samizdat is a generic RDF-based engine for building collaboration 
and open publishing web sites. Samizdat will let everyone 
publish, view, comment, edit, and aggregate text and 
multimedia resources, vote on ratings and classifications, 
filter resources by flexible sets of criteria, cooperate 
and coordinate on any kinds of activities (see Design 
Goals document for details). Samizdat intends promote 
values of freedom, openness, equality, and cooperation. 

I haven't finished nosing around the site, but am intrigued by the 
use of Ruby, SQL and RDF query, 'cos those are my current 
RDF tools of choice... :)


Received on Monday, 10 February 2003 18:21:44 UTC