Mailman mailing list manager / archiver does RSS export :)

I just stumbled across this after an #rdfig discussion about adding RSS 
support to Mailman, the popular list management and HTML archiving package.
Turns out the patch exists already (but wasn't intergrated yet). 

It took me less than 10 minutes to patch my Mailman installation and 
rebuild the archives for rdfweb-dev. I now have generated automatically.

for the (trivial to apply) patch and related info. Just cd into the 
Mailman/Archiver/ directory and do 'patch < ~danbri/rss.patch' or whatever, 
then re-run bin/arch on your archives.

The markup exported is fairly basic, but sets things up nicely for 
future extensions -- you could add in richer descriptions of the mailing 
lists fairly easily, though I'm not sure how best one would hook such 
information up to Mailman's www-based frontend.


Received on Sunday, 9 February 2003 13:14:00 UTC