2003 International Conference on Electronic Commerce

The following call for contributions might be of interest.
Norman Sadeh


Fifth International Conference on

Pittsburgh, PA, USA
October 1-3, 2003


** April 1, 2003 deadline for paper submission **
**February 15, 2003 deadline for workshop and tutorial proposals**

With adoption of eBusiness practices continuing to rise
and with annual worldwide transaction volumes poised to pass the 
trillion-dollar mark,
it is clear that eBusiness  is here to stay. Despite the gloom and doom
of the post-bubble years, eBusiness innovation has not stopped.
This is exemplified by the emergence of Web services,
the mobile Internet, agent technologies, wireless computing,
novel market mechanisms, automated trading and negotiation techniques, P2P 
pervasive computing, the Semantic Web and Online Dispute Resolution to name 
just a few.
Along with the many promises they hold, these technologies and associated 
continue to challenge established business models as well as existing legal 
and regulatory

As the leading eBusiness research conference, ICEC provides an 
interdisciplinary forum
where both researchers and practitioners come together, present their 
latest findings
and engage in discussions aimed at charting the future of this fascinating and
ever-expanding area.

As in the past, ICEC2003 will feature invited presentations, high-level 
refereed paper presentations, tutorials and seminars aimed at taking stock of
eBusiness today and at uncovering future opportunities and challenges.
In contrast to more specialized eCommerce events, ICEC is open to technical,
business as well as policy contributions and strongly encourages submission of
panel and workshop proposals of an interdisciplinary nature.


ICEC2003 welcomes the submission of original, previously unpublished, papers
focused on the themes of electronic commerce. The papers will be published
in conference proceedings. Arrangements are also being made with a number of
leading journals to organize special issues featuring extended versions
of the best papers.

The conference will be organized around three tracks:

* The eCommerce Technologies track will focus on technologies for supporting
   the practices of eBusiness.

   Track Co-Chairs: Yannis Labrou (Fujitsu) & Onn Shehory (IBM)

   Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) trading mechanisms
   (e.g., auctions, exchanges, fixed-price, RFP), trade and communication 
   price determination, winner determination, collaborative eCommerce,
   quality of service in eCommerce, mobile commerce, intelligent agents,
   security mechanisms, electronic contracting and commitment,
   negotiation and dispute resolution, models and analysis of marketplaces,
   product/service description and cataloging, electronic payment systems,
   trust, privacy and reputation in eCommerce, multi-lingual electronic 
   eCRM, web services, supply chain management, and semantic web technologies.

* The eBusiness Management track will focus on the management, business models
   and adoption challenges of eCommerce.

   Track Co-Chairs:  Robert Kauffman (U. of Minnesota) and Rahul Telang (CMU)

   Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) B2B markets and 
   eConsumer behavior, B2C eCommerce, buyer search behavior and shopping 
   eCommerce adoption, diffusion and procurement, personalization and 
   pricing and price discrimination models, eTailer competition and 
   direct marketing, user satisfaction, web content quality, reputation, 
knowledge management,
   and user privacy.

* The eCommerce Law and Policy track

   Track Co-Chairs: Lorrie Cranor (AT&T) and Mary Jo Dively (CMU)

   Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) privacy, digital 
rights management
   and intellectual property issues, international legal framework, 
information security,
   authentication systems, security versus commerce, outsourcing, competition,
   Internet governance, online dispute resolution, consumer protection,
   regulation of online activities,  taxation, and sovereign censorship.

The organization around tracks is to ensure that each paper is reviewed by
the most knowledgeable experts in the field. It should not be construed as
a requirement that papers fall within a given track. To the contrary,
we strongly encourage interdisciplinary submissions.

Papers should be written in English, and not be simultaneously submitted
for publication elsewhere (previous publication of partial results at 
with informal proceedings is allowed). Authors are invited to submit papers
in Word, PDF or postscript by April 1, 2003 – see conference website for 
Submissions should not exceed 5000 words, including an abstract of up to 
150 words
and a list of references. Each submission should also indicate one or more
relevant tracks and include a list of up to 6 relevant keywords to facilitate
the review process. Over-length papers will be rejected without consideration.


Conference organizers are also inviting proposals for workshops, tutorials, 
and panels.
These are due by February 15, 2003. For submission requirements, please 

* Workshops: Bruce McLaren (workshop chair, bmclaren+@pitt.edu)
* Tutorials: Terry Payne (tutorial co-chair, trp@ecs.soton.ac.uk)
* Panels: Norman Sadeh (general chair, sadeh@cs.cmu.edu)

Please consult the conference web page for updates: http://www.icec03.org

For questions, please contact the conference secretariat at icec03@cs.cmu.edu.

Local organization of the conference is provided by Carnegie Mellon University
through collaboration between the Institute for eCommerce, the School of 
Computer Science,
the Heinz School of Management and Public Policy, the Graduate School of 
Administration, the Institute for Software Research International,
the Institute for the Study of Information Technologies and Society,
the Sustainable Computing Consortium.

The conference is further supported by the International Center for 
Electronic Commerce


Prof. Norman M. Sadeh, Carnegie Mellon University, USA


Dr. Lorrie Cranor, AT&T, USA (eCommerce Law and Policy Co-Chair)
Mary Jo Dively, Esq., Carnegie Mellon University, USA (eCommerce Law and 
Policy Co-Chair)
Prof. Robert Kauffman, University of Minnesota, USA (eBusiness Management 
Dr. Yannis Labrou, Fujitsu, USA (eCommerce Technology Co-Chair)
Dr. Onn Shehory, IBM, Israel (eCommerce Technology Co-Chair)
Prof. Rahul Telang, Carnegie Mellon University, USA (eBusiness Management 


Dr. Bruce McLaren, Carnegie Mellon University, USA


Dr. Terry Payne, University of Southampton, UK
Dr. Onn Shehory, IBM, Israel


Prof. L. K. Chan, City University of Hong Kong, China
Prof. David Farber, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Prof. Hardy Hanappi, University of Technology, Austria
Prof. Jim Hendler, University of Maryland at College Park, USA
Prof. Richard Ho, City University of Hong Kong, China
Prof. Nick Jennings, University of Southampton, UK
Prof. Ramayya Krishnan, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Prof. Jae Kyu Lee, KAIST, Korea
Prof. Louis Ma, City University of Hong Kong, China
Prof. Tridas Mukhopadhyay, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Jeffrey B. Ritter, Esq., Kirkpatrick & Lockhart, LLP, USA
Prof. Beat Schmid, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
Prof. Michael Shamos, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Prof. Michael Shaw, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, U.S.A.
Prof. Andrew Whinston, University of Texas at Austin, USA


Dr. Raghu Arunachalam, Carnegie Mellon University, USA


Workshop and Tutorial Proposals Due on:                 February 15, 2003
Papers Due on:                                          April     1,   2003
Notification:                                            May      15, 2003
Camera Ready Copy Due on:                               June      15, 2003
Conference Dates:                                               October 
1-3, 2003
Workshops and Tutorials:                                September 
30-October3, 2003

Prof. Norman M. Sadeh
Director, Mobile Commerce Lab.
Director, e-Supply Chain Management Lab.
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Carnegie Mellon University
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