reminder: RDF Core specs in Last Call


This is a reminder (perhaps not needed, but anyway...) that
the RDF Core Working Group specs have reached Last Call 
stage, and that review comments are solicited via until Feb 23rd 2003. 

See Brian's original announcement at
for more background, context and links to the specs.

Do please take this opportunity to review these new specs, 
to send feedback, to update and test your RDF tools and to 
let us know if the specs work for you. Informal discussion of the 
Last Call is welcome on the RDF Interest Group mailing lists, 
www-rdf-interest and www-rdf-logic. For formal feedback, do take 
care to respond via so the Working Group
can track your comments, and to resist the urge to have 
follow-on discussions on that list, since it makes it hard for 
the WG to track and respond to substantive issues and feedback.

There's something for everyone in the new specs, from the 
introductory materials in the Primer through to the formal logic 
of the Semantics spec. Your feedback and comments any any or 
all of these specs would be much appreciated!



RDF Interest Group chair

Received on Friday, 7 February 2003 09:22:13 UTC